All inclusive birthday teas in the Unicorn Room are designed for little ladies turning 6 or younger.
What we recommend for little ladies turning 7 or older is a birthday tea in the Tea room
We apologize that we cannot offer any of the below
options during the month of December.
(see our variety of birthday theme teas below)


Birthday Party Theme Teas
in the Unicorn Room


Mommy (or Grandma) & Me Tea:                         $ 58.00

Are you a Mother thinking that your daughter needs some quality “Mommy time”?  Or maybe you are a grand mother wanting to make some very special memories with your very special grand daughter.  If so, this is the Myrtle’s Tea experience you need

We will serve you a special tea in the Unicorn Room!  The adult tea includes soup, fresh fruit, five tea sandwiches and a crudité.  The wee sipper tea includes heart shape peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches and fresh fruit.  We welcome you to choose a pot of tea from the tea menu or perhaps choose pink hot chocolate…………..

For up to 2 hours, you will also be able to indulge in all the activities the Unicorn Room has to offer, including coloring Unicorn pictures, painting your nails with glittery nail polish, or dressing up with the princess accessories that fill the Unicorn Room.  We also offer sweet story time chosen from the many books available including “the Magic Unicorn”.  All the while, the Disney princess music plays in the background.  Photo opportunities abound in the Unicorn Room to capture your very special time together………. 

The Unicorn Tea Party:                          $ 120.00 

This tea party may include up to six wee sippers between the ages of three and six.  For up to two hours, we invite you to ”steep” yourselves in all the activities the Unicorn Room has to offer. Wee tea partiers can dress up with the many princess accessories available, color a picture of a Unicorn, or Mom is welcome to do manicures with glittery nail polish available in a myriad of colors!  We also include a craft, which is decorating a hand fan.  My grand mother Myrtle who was from Florida taught me that every southern lady needs to have a fan, especially at the tea table when the tea is hot!! 

We will serve each young lady a lunch of heart shaped peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches, fresh fruit and a sweet for dessert.  If this is a birthday tea, we also offer a pink hat cake that the ladies can decorate and turn into a very special cake for the birthday girl.  We include the pink hat cake, all the decorations and candles for $ 28.00. 

If Mom's wish to stay for the party, tea service is available for $12.00.
A sandwich platter can be added for $6.00 per person, and is served in the office sanctuary located just across the hall from the Unicorn Room.


Take a Tour of the Unicorn Room

Decorating the Pink hat cake

Ladies turning 7 or older may opt for a special three course birthday tea served in one of the main tea rooms.
The birthday tea begins with pots of pink hot chocolate and raspberry or peppermint herbal tea.
After some time spent sipping and chatting, we will serve the first course, consisting of 2 scoops of sorbet to cleanse the palette.
Next, the Merry Myrtle Maids will serve the main course of 5 different tea sandwiches and a fresh fruit cup.  The sweet course is last, featuring 3 tasty tea desserts

$ 14.00 per person

The Pink Hat Cake can be added as a fun activity to decorate for the Happy Birthday Girl!
The Merry Myrtle Maids will help sing and cut the cake.



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 updated 03-Jan-2017