We would love for Myrtle’s Tea House to be your place of choice to host a bridal or baby shower, a family reunion, or some other very special “life” event!  We believe that for such special occasions, you would like to have a room to yourselves and therefore we have reserved Saturdays at 2:30 PM for such events.  Three room options are available to choose from:

 The Florida Room:
This is our largest room and can seat up to 35 people.  It is a room filled with natural light and painted a soft pink, reminiscent of Myrtle’s house in Florida.  Wicker ceiling fans, light billowy curtains and white-frosted wall sconces complete the Floridian décor.  Multiple tables provide seating. 

The Bon Bon Room:
This room seats up to 25 people.  It is decorated with touches from the art deco period and features paintings from the artist credited with ushering in the art nouveau era, Alphonse Mucha, ceiling lights dripping with crystals and pink satin drapes.  Multiple tables provide seating. 

The Cat’s Meow Room:
This room seats up to 14 people.  One large rectangular table provides the seating.  The room was inadvertently named by Myrtle’s youngest daughter, Tinker, who upon seeing it for the first time exclaimed, “Elizabeth, this is the cat’s meow!”   We decided that was a sign and added a few cat statues.  Entry to the room is defined by a large archway, complimented by two arched windows that look out to the side patio and back garden, wainscoting and crown molding.  Crystal chandeliers complete the décor. 

Room Pricing:
The room charge for the Florida Room or Bon Bon Room is $75.00.  This includes up to a 2.5 hour event, plus access to the room ½ hour prior to the event (2 PM) for set up, decorating, etc.  If you wish to decorate for the event, we kindly request that nothing be taped or attached in any way to the walls or ceilings. We will also dispose of any wrappings or boxes if the event includes presents. 

The room charge for the Cat’s Meow is $50.00.  The same timeframes apply as stated above. 

Menu Pricing:
We serve our Miz Myrtle’s Afternoon Tea for $24.00 per person (price includes tax), plus we will add an 18% gratuity to the final bill.  We understand life happens and allow for a 20% drop in whatever head count is provided to us 24 hours prior to the event.  If the number of no shows exceed 20 %, we will need to charge, but will happily pack up the food for you to take home if requested.   The tea service includes pots of whatever teas we are featuring for the season, or you may choose 3 to 4 different teas from our tea menu to be served.  

For The Cat’s Meow Room, there is also the option of serving our one course Wentworth Tea for $20.00 plus 18% gratuity.  In this case, the event duration would be 2 hours plus the ½ hour prior to the event for set-up. 

We ask for the room rate as the deposit.
This cost is in addition to the menu pricing above. 

In the case of showers or birthdays, we provide a complementary miniature cake for the “person of honor”.  We do provide plenty of food, but if you feel the need to bring in a cake or cupcakes, there is a $20.00 plating charge.



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