Our entire upstairs space is available for your special events or business meetings.  Maximum capacity is 25.  Platters of food may be ordered from Myrtle’s kitchen and are served buffet style in the tea tasting room.  Availability of Le Salon is during our regular hours.  On our regular business days, evenings and Sundays can be considered, providing that the Merry Myrtle Maids are not otherwise engaged………………



 Le Salon Rental:

 Up to 4 hours - $130.00

Each additional hour - $35.00.  Maximum of 2 additional hours.

 Pricing includes hot tea service and water.

 Food Platters:  Flavors on all food platters are dependent on what is being featured in our tea rooms that month.

 Tea sandwiches - $ 6.00 per person

 Platters include 3 to 4 different kinds of sandwiches and yield 4-6 sandwiches per person.

Scones - $2.25 per person

Platters include one scone per person & flavored butter blended in Myrtle’s kitchen.

 Desserts - $2.00 per person

 Platters include 2 to 3 different types of tea desserts with 2 to 3 per person.

 Fruit Ambrosia Salad - $25.00 for a service of 10 people

$45.00 for a service of 20-25 people.

 Other options:

 Ice Tea service is available during the summer.  Please ask for details.

If you wish to bring in a cake for the occasion, there is a $20.00 plating charge.  Plates, forks and cake cutting tools will be provided!

 Even sweet Myrtle has some restrictions on use of her salon.  We ask that you do not bring in food or beverages and we do require a total minimum charge of $250.00 for food purchases per booking.