Treasured Patrons

Dear Treasured Patrons:

 Upon much reflection during our summer break, I have come to the understanding that my creative energies are pulling me in another direction.  I have always loved tea, and will always want to be around tea, so there will always be tea at Myrtle’s.  My favorite time of day at Myrtle’s will continue to be in the early morning when I am making scones, listening to my 70’s music and living in those moments with great joy!  However, my creative energies are evolving & drawing me to want to spend more time in the retail space—shopping, creating special little vignettes to display acquired treasures, & DECORATING!!!

 With heavy heart, I want you all to know that as of Saturday, August 11, we will be discontinuing our tea lunch service.   We will then close the tea house and reopen sometime in November.   When you come to the new Myrtle’s (and I SO hope you do!) you will see an expanded retail space featuring home décor items in addition to our current offerings.  There will be 4 to 5 tables where you can have a pot of tea paired with sweet or savory scones.  We will be featuring a new tea list with teas we have been evaluating over the past few years and the current favorites will remain.  Oh, and did I mention a completely redecorated building??

 I want to thank all of our loyal patrons who have made this 12 plus year journey awesome and wonderful. You have truly enabled me to live my dream!

Finally, I would like to thank all the Merry Myrtle Maids, past & present, who have kept me inspired, but perhaps more importantly, have kept me feeling young at heart!!  I will always treasure our early morning kitchen conversations…………………. 


Elizabeth (Myrtle’s only grand daughter!)

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