Tea List


English Black Teas :


Yorkshire Gold - The tea the Brits know to ask for even if it is not offered on the menu!

A classic and traditional tea, this is the black tea for the purists in tea land.  Perfect with

milk and sugar or all by itself.                                

English Breakfast Tea -  A traditional blend of rich, black Keemun teas from China.  Great with

milk & sugar.  A simple way to start your hectic day or just get you through the day!

Earl Grey Supreme - For the tea connoisseur. A higher grade blend of black teas, delicately

balanced with oil of bergamot and the addition of Ceylon Vintage silver tips.  Not your everyday

Earl Grey!

Earl Grey Lavender -French blue lavender blended with Earl Grey.  A transformation most

extraordinary.  You’ll think you are in Provence!

Queen Elizabeth – Queen Elizabeth the first was a strong ruler and in her honor this strong blend was created.
From tea estates in South India this blend was created from malty assams and toasty Darjeeling leaves.
Royally suited for afternoon tea!

Buckingham Palace Garden Party - Delicate Earl Grey and Jasmine notes with a golden coppery

color.  This is the same blend the Queen serves at her annual garden party for her 4000 guests!

Prince of Wales – A regal and “manly” blend.  This blend is full bodied with delicious hints of black currant.



Naturally Flavored Black Teas:


Hot Cinnamon Spice -   A blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet

cloves (no sugar added).  Remarkably assertive and oh so flavorful!

Indian Spice - Or those who want a real taste of India, this is a blend of Assam tea, cinnamon,

cardamom, and nutmeg.  Add sugar and milk and you will have Chai!

 Chocolate Chai - Speaking of Chai, why not choose a chai tea with one of the best mates for your palate??  Chocolate!  Yum!

Maple Cream - Exquisite maple tea with sweet caramel flavor notes.   Perfect by itself or with a


Peaches & Ginger - Sounds like a Gilligan’s Island spoof, but this full-leaf Ceylon tea with chunks of

peaches and ginger is a must try - and a much better way to spend time with "Peaches" and "Ginger"!

Black Currant -Strong fruity notes of black currants are masterfully blended with Chinese black

teas to create a full-bodied tea with a BIG berry flavor.

Apricot -An elegant tea enhanced by the warm and almost nutty flavor of apricot.  It has long been advertised as our house blend and very popular. After a meeting with Myrtle’s board of directors, the vote was unanimous that this very special tea deserved a spot on the official tea menu!

Rose -Simply a lovely tea- especially for afternoons with good friends.  Delicious floral notes

reminiscent of a tea rose garden.

Wild Blackberry - An intense blackberry flavor one would expect from wild blackberries.

Sweet and berry best!

Paris - A fruity black tea with a hint of lemony Bergamot and vanilla.  Myrtle's equivalent to

Lady Grey Tea.


Chocolate Teas:  (disclaimer-if you really need a chocolate fix these teas will not do, but they
are lovely with a dessert course or as a calorie-free sweet treat


Valentine’s Blend - Simply a romantic blend of black teas, chocolate and rosebuds.

Who needs champagne??

Chocolate Mint - A lovely after dinner tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves.

A perfect dessert alternative!

Florence – A wonderful blend of chocolate, black tea and hazelnuts.  After all, the northwest is the hazelnut capital
of the world so we should offer a tea blended with them!

Soho – Close your eyes and imagine a tea that tastes like a mounds candy bar!  Black tea, chocolate and coconut!  Simply ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Chocolate & Strawberry Puer – So very decadent!  First, you will experience the fragrance & flavor of the chocolate, finishing with the juicy, tart flavor of ripe strawberries. The rich flavors of ouer tea and chocolate also work wonderfully with milk.


Decaf Black Teas:


Midsummer’s Peach - Almost nothing is like ripe peaches in the summer.  However, when a

substitute is necessary, this tea will do!

Vanilla Comoro - A natural sweetness and rich flavor makes this an irresistible delight

You can enjoy this dessert tea to your heart’s content and still get a good night’s sleep!

Ceylon Orange Pekoe – A very nice medium bodies black tea.  Nice with milk and sugar or not.


Green Teas:


Tsugaru Green – A Japanese green tea scented with luscious San-Tsugara, a popular Japanese apple. It has a crisp aroma and subtly sweet flavor.  Remember what your Mama taught you—subtlety is a virtue!  Strawberry Vanilla – a superb green tea and matcha blend infused with tart strawberries and sweet vanilla. It has an elegant, sweet fragrance that is quite exquisite!

Sencha - A superior green tea from Japan.  This is the most-consumed green tea in Japan.

Blueberry Green  -  An artful blend of green tea with lemongrass, blueberry and vanilla.  A brew that hits all the right notes!  Watch out Lady Gaga!                  

Dragon Pearl Jasmine - jasmine is the original flavored green tea from China.  Lightly oxidized tea

is carefully mixed with jasmine flowers and the wonderful aroma is imparted to the tea.

This is an exceptional jasmine with perfectly balanced floral tones.

Apple & Berry - A fragrant blend of green tea, apples and sweet berries Safflower petals add a brightness to the overall tasting experience. Bravissimo!

Bangkok – A wonderful mixture of sweet Thai flavors, including lemongrass and coconut and green tea.
Invigorating to the taste buds and mellowing to the spirit!


White Teas:


Wedding Tea -  Exotic Mutan white tea blended with pink rosebuds, vanilla and lemon for results

that inspire long lasting happiness!

Heirloom Bartlett Pear -  A multifaceted, beautifully layered infusion of Chinese mutan white tea, pear, apple & peach.  Spice notes of nutmeg and two kinds of cinnamon compliment the fruity flavors to a tea!

White Peach – The fresh summer flavors of Georgia peaches blended with rare Chinese white tea.
The taste is sublime and slightly sweet.  Scarlett’s favorite tea as she was the original Georgia peach!

 Venetian Tiramisu – Evocative and romantic- your palate will be treated to a blend of delicately floral mutan white tea, swirling with flavors of cocoa and vanilla and accented with just a hint of brandy….


Oolong Teas:


 Momo Oolong Super grade – A delicious tea scented with white peaches. Savor the succulent flavor and aroma of the Japanese white peach fruit accented with pink rose petals!

Ripe Mango -  A refreshing Taiwanese tea blended with soft, ripe mangos.  The extraordinary aroma of the juicy mangos will transport all your senses to a tropical paradise!  Kismet!


Herbal Teas:  (naturally caffeine-free!)


Myrtle’s Summertime Blend -  I worked with a master tea blender to create this tea reminiscent

of summers spent with my grandmother (Myrtle) in Florida.   It is composed entirely of dried

strawberries, kiwi and other fruits and flowers.  A perfect drink for a child’s tea & adults as well!

Chamomile -  Often served as a calmative over the years, this tea is made with flower heads from

Egypt that yields a tisane with definite body.    The scent is strong and fresh!

Raspberry Herbal  -  This tisane is a mixture of rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves and raspberry

flavor that produces a great tasting, great looking tea.  You’ll want to wolf-whistle when you see

it’s beautiful ruby red color!

Peppermint Herbal -  Made from peppermint leaves from the northwest!  A marvelous, brisk

peppermint that produces a great smelling and crisp tasting tisane.  A cup of this can also get a

pesky stomach under control in no time.  

Spiced Plum Herbal -  For the holidays, an herbal infusion with the delightful essence of cinnamon

and plums.  Heartier than most herbals, this one has a presence that will surprise you . . . . . . . . like

seeing Santa on Christmas morning.

Orange Vanilla – My first time sipping this blend took me back to the 60’s, growing up in upstate
New York where my favorite summer treat was eating a creamsicle on the front porch.  Fun and flavorful
while making you feel youthful!


Rooibos Teas: (naturally caffeine-free!)


Organic Rooibos - Just north of Cape Town, South Africa, there lies a relatively untouched

resource called rooibos.  It is low in tannin, contains natural sweeteners’ and is rich in essential

minerals.  It is certified organic.

 African Autumn -  The marriage of herbal rooibos and cranberry and oranges suggests what an

autumn in Africa would be like. . . . ………. if there was autumn in Africa.  

Bourbon Street Vanilla – Fruity with sweet notes.  Vanilla bean gives the rooibos a wonderful exotic jazzy depth!

Peach – Sweet, summery notes of peach come to the fore above the mellow character of rooibos.  Yummy, yet soothing………






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